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Gratitude Friday – October 23rd, 2020

“The measure of life is not its duration but its donation.” -Peter Marshall

Today is gratitude Friday and a special one in our family. On this day in 2006 Julie Miller, my darling wife and loving daughter of Frank Miller donated her kidney to him. She gave him over a decade of additional life. He is gone now, but her generosity brought the Miller family and all who loved Frank the most important gift there is - more time with him. At the very moment she learned he needed a kidney she resolved to be the donor. Along the way she used her medical knowledge as a cytologist to challenge a false medical diagnosis that would have prevented his eligibility to receive her gift of life to him. I know she would do anything for him, and I am grateful for her selfless love. As they were known to, they made a joke about it. He said “now I know why I had kids, so I could harvest their organs” and she said, “that was fun dad, let’s do that again.” Underneath the joking was a very special bond that few share. She is a hero and today is her day. I am grateful for her. Please consider being an organ donor. Below is a link to UPMC and information on organ donation. They are the foremost kidney and liver transplant center in the world. Also, gratitude shared is gratitude gained. Please, share here something that you are grateful for today.

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