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Selected papers on addictions policy, confidentiality, workforce, etc.


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Testimony to the US Senate Special Committee on Aging - Understanding a Growing Crisis: Substance Use Disorder Among Older Adults - December 14th, 2023 Link HERE PDF HERE


OPPORTUNITIES FOR CHANGE - An analysis of drug use and recovery stigma in the U.S. healthcare system - February 2023 - Link HERE


Who Controls the Recovery Message? Treatment Magazine February 6, 2023 Originally Posted on Recovery Review on as “Those Who Control the Teachings of a Movement’s History Control Its Future” in September 2022 - Article link HERE - PDF HERE


Public comment on HHS proposal to modify regulations to implement section 3221 of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. - Link HERE Submitted 1/11/23 


Grassroots Advocacy for Addiction Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery
- Links to useful articles, information & resources - PDF HERE


The Algorithm of Medical Care Discrimination - Treatment Magazine - June 2022 link HERE PDF HERE




Recovery community organizations need more than bake sales to help people survive addiction – STAT News First Opinion February 4, 2022 – Ryan Hampton & William Stauffer Web Link HERE PDF of Article HERE


PA Senate Democratic Policy Committee Hearing on Recovery Funding, Recovery Houses & Relapse. Hearing 1/20/22. Testimony -PDF HERE


PA House Judiciary Committee Hearing on HB 1393 to amend the definition of the PA Controlled Substance Act to expressly exclude fentanyl test strips utilized for personal use.  Hearing 1/10/22 Testimony - PDF HERE 


It Is Painfully Obvious That Discrimination Remains Our Greatest Challenge - Recovery Review article November 16th, 2021 - PDF HERE

Guiding Principles for Consideration on Treatment & Recovery for the Biden Administration 

Thoughts on how we may build out a better care system for our incoming federal administration 12/20/20


PA House Human Services Committee Written Testimony on COVID-19

Testimony on COVID-19 and its impact on the Pennsylvania SUD Treatment and Recovery Support Services August 2020  

PRO-A Post Traumatic Growth Info Sheet

An educational sheet on post traumatic growth - June 2020

PRO-A SUPRSS Preliminary Report to DDAP

Recommendations on standardizing peer services for the state of Pennsylvania - June 2020 



Document focused on technical assistance to treatment and recovery community organizations. It was intended to develop a deeper insight into best practices and challenges in respect to the peer workforce during the second half of the fiscal year - June 2020

PRO-A Peer Workforce Report 

A report to DDAP on developing a recovery inclusive SUD peer workforce, including a review of our history and review of ethical conduct of peer professionals - June  2020 

PRO-A Family Peer Services

Report to DDAP of focus groups held across Pennsylvania on the role and function of Family Recovery Support Services (FRSS) to improve care within our SUD service system - June 2020

PRO-A VRSS Ten Assurances

Recommendations for developing ethical virtual recovery support services - May 2020

Strategies for Recruiting and Hiring of SUD Certified Recovery Support workers

Informational sheet designed to assist and support recruitment and hiring practices for SUD peer Professionals – July 2019

Supervision & Recovery focused agency wellness questions to consider

Informational document intended to support organizational wellness and retention and engagement efforts – July 2019

Thriving Communities in Recovery Report

Policy Report on National Trends, Best Practices, and Evaluation of How Pennsylvania Can Improve its Recovery Environment - May 2019

PA House Human Services Committee Testimony on Adolescent Care

Testimony on the loss of adolescent care for young people in need within our SUD treatment and recovery service environment - March 2019

A Conversation with Dr Robert DuPont on the New Paradigm of Recovery

A review of the five year care paradigm that incorporates harm reduction, treatment and recovery support - January 2019

PRO-A Preliminary Report to DDAP Special Needs Population and Training Assessment Survey Results

PRO-A survey of Certified Recovery Specialists, to explore the demand for and interest in CRS training for special populations across the state - June 2018

Retooling care to meet our needs– A Recovery Community Vision for a five-year focused substance use disorder treatment and recovery care system

One page informational sheet developed following survey and focus group engagement of the recovery community of Pennsylvania - May 2018

US Senate  Hearing on Older Adults and Substance Use Dependence

Written testimony in front of the US Senate Special Committee on Aging May 23rd, 2018  

PRO-A PRO Recovery Service System Questions

Survey questions used to explore Single County Authority (SCA) system strengths in respect to providing care that supports long term recovery within their system.  Individual reports were developed with three SCA and submitted to DDAP for their use to strengthen our care system.  June 2015 - June 2018

PRO-A Medical Professional Engagement Report on Stigma & SUDs in the Medical System

An exploratory project to develop insight on how persons with SUDs are perceived within medical settings and the presence of implicit bias considering ways to improve care and reduce stigma and discrimination at all levels of our medical care systems - June 2017

PRO-A 2017 HOPE Caucus Meeting Written Testimony

Testimony on the recovery community perspective on improving our substance use treatment and recovery support care system with an emphasis on the need to focus on care for young people – May 24th, 2017

PRO-A Preliminary Report to DDAP Certified Recovery Specialist Warm Hand Off Survey 

PRO-A developed the CRS credential over a decade ago with other grassroots, authentic recovery community organizations. The warm hand off process is a recent element of this process. This survey was conducted inclusive of peer professional perspectives in how the work is conducted - March 2017

Certification of Drug and Alcohol Recovery House (CDARH) Taskforce Focus of Taskforce

DDAP asked the Pennsylvania Recovery Organization - Alliance (PRO-A) to convene a taskforce to develop and submit recommendations on the Certification of Drug and Alcohol Recovery houses. The taskforce submitted preliminary recommendations to the Department for consideration. The taskforce included representation from the legislature, state, county government and stakeholder groups from across the care system.  A series of reports were submitted to the Department in June 2016 and posted on the DDAP web site. The work of this taskforce influenced PA Act 59 of 2017. Submitted documents include:


PA House Human Services Committee Hearing “What to do when a loved one has an addiction problem”
Hearing to discuss access to SUD care - October 2016

PRO-A 2015-16 Survey of Medical Professionals in Recovery

PRO-A was asked to examine how medical professionals in recovery perceive addiction and recovery. We explored implicit bias within our medical care system by identifying and contacting recovering physicians, nurses, pharmacists and medical professions to explore their perceptions of stigma and how it impacts the engagement of persons with substance use disorders – June 2016

PRO-A Unite To Face Addiction State Mobilization Summary Report

PRO-A learned of the Unite to Face Addiction Rally in the Spring 2015.  Report on our work to support the historic Unite to Face Addiction Rally on October 4th, 2015 to done to mobilize the statewide recovery community and strengthen our statewide recovery community -  June 2016

System Under Stress – Counselor Workforce Report to DDAP

The largest SUD counselor workforce survey done in Pennsylvania. The survey was sent out to all 2,288 certified drug and alcohol counselors certified by the PCB. At the point we closed the survey on June 10th, 837 responses had been recorded. This is a full report with detailed comments and concerns of the respondents - June 2013

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Bill White Collaborative Digital Left Behind article 

Article on the use of digital resources in a COVID-19 / Post COVID-19 environment 

May 2020 

Bill White Collaborative Article on Recovery Representation

Article on the how people in recovery are to maintain control over their own narratives September 2020 

Bill White Collaborative Article on Recovery Custodians

Article on the how the importance of recovery custodians and the risks of recover Rock Stars - May  2020

Collaborative blog articles “Sharing our Recovery Stories” a four-part series of articles written collaboratively by National Recovery Movement Historian, Bill White, Young People in Recovery President and CEO Danielle Tarino and PRO-A Executive Director Bill Stauffer.

This four-part collaborative series is intended to add to the national discourse within the recovery community on how are stories of recovery are used, the need to control our own narrative and ethical considerations of storytelling.  The series includes discussion on: 


  1. Not allowing our stories to be used for other groups as window dressing for their own agendas.

  2. The need for meaningful inclusion in story telling / anti stigma efforts that address our objectives for institutional change.

  3. The risks of public recovery storytelling and importance of wedding storytelling to larger recovery community inclusive strategies.

  4. The risks of conflict agendas and that the importance of the recovery community retaining control of our own narrative.

  5. The ethics of public recovery self-disclosure in public or professional settings.

  6. Guidelines for public recovery self-disclosure and consideration of the purpose, depth and potential negative consequences when we share our personal recovery stories.


Posts below:

NRAM Interviews 

Index of Interviews & Info on NRAM / The Recovery Movement       PDF HERE

NRAM Interview #1 –     Bill White                           LINK HERE           PDF HERE

NRAM Interview #2 -      David Whiters                   LINK HERE           PDF HERE

NRAM Interview #3 –     Carol McDaid                    LINK HERE           PDF HERE

NRAM Interview #4 -      Ben Bass                            LINK HERE           PDF HERE

NRAM Interview #5 –     Tom Hill                              LINK HERE           PDF HERE

NRAM Interview #6 -      Dona Dmitrovic                 LINK HERE           PDF HERE

NRAM Interview #7 –     Phil Valentine                     LINK HERE           PDF HERE

NRAM Interview #8 -      Johnny Allem                    LINK HERE           PDF HERE

NRAM Interview #9 –     Bev Haberle                       LINK HERE           PDF HERE

NRAM Interview #10 –   William Cope Moyers       LINK HERE           PDF HERE

NRAM Interview #11 –   Dr. H Westley Clark           LINK HERE           PDF HERE

NRAM Interview #12 -    Betty Currier                     LINK HERE           PDF HERE

NRAM Interview #13 -    Mark Sanders                    LINK HERE           PDF HERE

NRAM Interview #14 -    Cathy Nugent                   LINK HERE           PDF HERE

NRAM Interview &15 -   John Winslow                   LINK HERE           PDF HERE

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